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there is a statue in front of the water
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"Rosses Point, Sligo Ireland ... A bronze statue of a girl with outstretched arms stands on the shore here, a moving testament to those who departed and those who were left behind in famine ravaged Ireland."
an aerial view of a green mountain with grass growing on it's sides and the ocean in the distance
Benbulben mountain in County Sligo, Ireland
Benbulben mountain in County Sligo, Ireland
a large green mountain with pink flowers in the foreground and blue skies above it
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Benbulbin, sometimes spelled Ben Bulben or Benbulben (from the Irish: Binn Ghulbain), is a large rock formation in County Sligo, Ireland. It is part of the Dartry Mountains, in an area sometimes called “Yeats Country”. Benbulbin is a protected site, designated as a County Geological Site by Sligo County Council.
there is a statue of a man holding a bag on the side of the street
WB Yeats statue, Sligo. March 1991
WB Yeats statue, Sligo, Ireland.
a small waterfall in the middle of a lush green forest with a path leading to it
Glencar Waterfall, County Sligo, Ireland
a lamp post with flowers on it next to the water
Sligo, Ireland
a rocky beach with waves crashing on the rocks and a castle in the distance behind it
Classiebawn Castle, Mullaghmore, Co by Gareth McCormack
~Classiebawn Castle, Mullaghmore, County Sligo, Ireland~ #ireland #mullaghmore #castles
an old castle sits on top of a hill
Classiebawn Castle, Co. Sligo, Ireland by A. Mikulans
a statue of a woman standing on top of a rock in the middle of a field
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Rosses Point, Sligo, Ireland "Waiting on Shore" This statue is dedicated to those lost at sea.
a large green mountain in the middle of a field with trees and grass around it
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Benbulben Mountain, Co. Sligo, Ireland - Said to be the dwelling of The Fianna in ancient times.