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Two tiered damson and gold painted bathroom cabinet with scalloped diamond pattern.
150cm high and 50cm maximum width
40cm deep
Small table 63cmm x 18cm wide with storage.
Made from MDF and acrylic


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a roll of toilet paper sitting on top of a white counter next to a toothbrush holder
Bend it Like Beckham coffee table. Halftone routed image of Beckham in his pants
You'd have to turn the coffee table over to see his underwear, as the image bends round to the underside. Made from a special sheet of a bendable MDF type product.
a large black bowl sitting on top of a table
Oval coffee table with storage
Small table 63cmm x 18cm wide with storage.
a large black bowl sitting on top of a table next to some paint and brushes
Side table oval in shape with storage inside
Made from MDF and acrylic
a white square with lines on it in front of a wooden wall and a piece of wood behind it
Corinne Bailey Rae
Halftone routing of Corinne Bailey Ray. 120cm wide
A series of parallel vertical lines cut into a white board, creating the image of the Bastille band members faces. Bastille Band
Bastille (band) routed into white painted MDF. 120cm wide
a man's face is shown on the side of a wooden wall next to a barrel
Johnny Marr
White painted MDF board 120cm wide
a man standing in front of a microwave oven
Johnny Marr
120cm wide on white painted MDF
a large piece of wood is being worked on
Noel Gallagher
Halftone routing of Noel Gallagher on painted MDF board
a close up view of the underside of a wooden fan
Noel Gallagher
Halftone routing of Noel Gallagher 120cm high, using cnc
a close up of a brick surface that has been made into a pattern with the word love written on it
Home | Cut & Create Ltd | Penn Street | Amersham | CNC and waterjet cutting
Working with brick supplier to create a house name that will eventually be installed on to the wall of the house. Routed to a depth of 4mm.
Large Artwork - halftone routed faces Interior, Popular, Home
Faces by PQpod
Here are two popular pictures side by side. One creates the face with concentric (ripples) rings and the other face is made with dots. Both are cut into a black-painted board. Each 'hole' is made using a v-shaped cutter.
there is a painting on the wall and a table with a potted plant next to it
Audrey Hepburn portrait on a black background. Made from nearly 1000 gold v shaped holes.
Picture size: - 100cm x 100cm
an image of three men in front of a sign that says eagle's on it
The Eagles
Made from over 8000 v shaped holes, cut in to black painted board. Halftone, wood art, pixel
a woman's face is shown on a black canvas in front of some boxes
John Lennon - halftone
This picture of John Lennon is created with over 1000 v shaped holes cut into the black painted board. www.pqpod.etsy.com www.pqpod.co.uk