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You can find more art like this @ArtPortfolios on Facebook AKA @Art_ on Pinterest. THIS IS LITERALLY THE COOLEST THING EVER. IF YOU DON'T LIKE THIS WHATS WRONG WITH YOU

Funny pictures about Disney Oil Painting Masterpieces. Oh, and cool pics about Disney Oil Painting Masterpieces. Also, Disney Oil Painting Masterpieces photos.

Disney Princesses as Mermaids!

Disney princess mermaids-love it! But speaking as someone with long hair who loves swimming, Rapunzel's gonna have a bad time! Mulan, Rapunzel, Tiana and Pocahontas look STUNNING

What Disney princess do you look like? I got rapunzel

What Disney princess do you look like? Snow White Your beauty is known all around. You never stop amazing people around you. You find that people are often jealous of you, but that never stops you. Also Snow White looks like Kristen Stewart.

cutest pic ever!!!! <3 Documentarista resgata filhote de esquilo durante viagem ao Sri Lanka e ganha um novo amigo. Conheça essa história Foto: Paul Williams/Ironammonite

It's a baby chipmunk! (I know the thing says baby palm squirrel, but I'm pretty sure it's a chipmunk! I mean, I just held a baby chipmunk yesterday so I'm pretty darn sure!

Neko Izaya x Neko Shizuo, Durarara! Going as Fem! Neko Shizuo, or maybe just…