Pilton House Gower

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an advertisement for the new year's celebrations
Happy New Year to one and all! Thank you for 2022,& look forward to welcoming Guests New & Old!
an old black and white photo of some houses
The 'lower' end of Newton, looking up Newton Road, past several cottages, towards the village pump (c1912)
tall grass with white flowers growing in the middle of it on a path through some trees
some purple flowers are growing in the grass
four wicker chairs sitting on top of a blue mat in front of a house
two folded towels sitting on top of a bed with white sheets and red trimmings
a table with a lamp, tissue box and lavender plant on it next to a purple lampshade
towels folded on top of a bed in a room with two windows and lights above it
a bouquet of flowers in a blue watering can on a wooden table next to a window
Pilton House Gower
a bedroom with a bed, dresser and mirror in it's centerpieces
Pilton House Gower
a bed with folded towels on top of it and a wooden chair in the background
Pilton House Gower
the front cover of an award winning brochure for swansea bay tourism awards
Pilton House Gower
purple flowers are hanging from the front door of a building with a sign that reads pitton house
Pilton House Gower
a bathroom with a stand up shower next to a white sink and red towels on the wall
Pilton House Gower