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an old fashioned sink in front of a window
Abigail's Antique Living - MagdalenBluePhotography
Prim Kitchen...galvanized tubs as a double sink!
several metal lamps hanging from the ceiling in a room
The Seed Box in Warrenton
Galvanized buckets into hanging lamps
a red front door with a potted plant next to it and the reflection of a man in the glass
red doors
Love the red door next to the galvanized walls.
a bathroom with a toilet, sink and mirror in it's center wall that is made out of metal strips
Corrugated Aluminum
a kitchen with a metallic refrigerator freezer next to a window
Basement Remodel fridge
Cork floor? Corrugated tin ceiling?
a bunch of towels are stacked up in a storage area next to a door and window
Land's End Development
Corrugated wainscoting
three tiered metal trays on top of each other in the middle of a living room
Putting a Few Things Together
Great idea and easy to make
the house is made out of wood and has two stories on each level with windows
corrugated iron and wood
an exterior view of a house with wood trimmings and windows on the side
Baker House
I wonder what the benefits of using galvanised corrugated iron are?
there are many muffins on the counter at this coffee shop that is selling them
corrugated iron counter front as an alternative to a fiddly wooden one.
the roof of a house that has been painted white
Under Deck Ceiling...Continued... - Lovely Crafty Home
Under Deck Ceiling…Continued… - love the look of the corrugated iron.
an image of a box made out of corrugated
Colorbond Corrugated Iron Raised Garden Bed Flat Pack Kits
an old wooden building sitting in the middle of a forest next to a dirt road
Ceredigion farmhouses & other welsh ruins
Ceredigion farmhouses & other welsh ruins Corrugated Iron Building, Devil's Bridge 2003 CEREDIGION: A LANDSCAPE OF RUINS & VERNACULAR ARCHITECTURE:
an apartment building with palm trees in the foreground and windows on the second floor
Corrugated iron and wire mesh fencing
a mailbox with the number 1915 written on it
Mailbox -- Australian Letter Box in curved corrugated iron.
tables and stools in a restaurant setting
melbourne cafes photo blog
too much corrugated iron? - Toby's Estate
a blue house with wooden decking next to grass and trees on the side of it
Selector – Construction, building, architecture and design products and supplies
Warm timber tones, natural corrugated iron and deep grey-blues are the perfect scheme for a contemporary beach house. James Hardie website (exterior cladding products).
a person sitting on a wooden bench in the middle of a patio with potted plants
Modern living, home design ideas, inspiration, and advice.
Porches Across America | Dwell
a bar with stools and shelves filled with bottles on the back wall, in front of brick walls
Veronica People's Club / Fabrica 718
This industrial bar area is super cool. Antique mirrors behind open shelving with rustic iron fittings. Also love the corrugated ceiling
a small green house with a white fence around it
Corrugated Iron
the side of a house with pipes running from it's roof to the outside
Corrugated iron and wood really works
a red building with a sun decoration on the side
Funky claddings
Corrugated iron cladding
a bathroom with a sink, mirror and shower stall in the middle of the room
Great colors, and corrugated iron window frames. Nice idea.
the house is made out of red corrugated
Bru 1.25 by SoHo Architektur | Dezeen
ZB264 house Bru 1.25 by SoHo Architects
a modern house in the middle of a grassy area with trees and grass around it
Jewell Street Addition Eco Home Magazine: Merit Design Award 2010 - Contemporary - Exterior - Austin - by Webber + Studio, Architects | Houzz
Jewell Street Addition Eco Home Magazine: Merit Design Award 2010 - modern - exterior - austin - Webber + Studio, Architects
a white toilet sitting next to a walk in shower
Building a Cantilever house in Santa Fe, NM: the second floor bathroom shower
a modern house in the woods with stairs leading up to it's second story
Articles about material focus copper on
Wrapped in corrugated copper, the Darnell Residence has a frontier-cabin quality that’s evolving with age. At first it was as shiny as a penny, but that’s changing. “My house looks like it has a skin disease,” architect Jamie Darnell says. “It’s just oxidizing in a weird way. Eventually it’ll go green. This is just the first stage of the patina.” Photo by Chad Holder.
a table and chairs on the outside patio
McNeil - Contemporary - Patio - Brisbane - by Enigma Interiors | Houzz
Corrugated metal siding on beach house in Australia
a small wooden cabin with a door and windows
Tiny Texas Worker House
Tiny Texas Worker House | Handmade Charlotte i really like the corrugated metal siding at the base and the extra detail over the window and door to make it a little bit fancy.
a red house with an umbrella on the front door and side windows, surrounded by greenery
I like how they sided the dormers with corrugated steel.
the inside of a house with glass walls and white drapes on it's windows
Year-Round Gazebo Glory in Toronto
by Sealy Design Inc. The gazebo has weatherproof vinyl panels like those on a boat cockpit. Sealy added an extra layer of insulation with drapes on tracks inside. She loves to be able to transform the space seasonally; this past winter, she hosted a large party here. "I had more people out in the garden than I have ever fit into my house," she says.
two white chairs sitting next to each other in front of a wall with striped walls
Wallpaper & Paint
Wow... Corrugated Iron, reminds me of Bachs/holiday homes in New Zealand... Yes this is WALLPAPER! Have to actually touch it to realise its not iron.
a room with a bed and some lights on the wall next to an open closet
A Guest House in Porto for the Creative Set - Remodelista
Miss'Opo-Guest-House-Porto:Remodelista .... interesting using corrugated siding as partitions
a black building with wooden floors and doors on the outside is lit up at night
a white house sitting on top of a lush green field next to a wooden deck
jackson clements burrows architects: seaview house
jackson clements burrows architects: seaview house
a large green building with white windows on the top and bottom floor, next to other buildings
Lovely color on one of Reykjavik's many corrugated houses
an outdoor dining area with potted plants and lights hanging from the pergolated roof
I was just thinking how simple cool a corrugated metal roof would be for the patio, and voila! Think about listening to the rain under here....
a kitchen with wooden floors and white cabinets, an open skylight above the sink
Floating Guest House - Tiny House Blog
finishes ~ Hamlet1-08-050t-sm ... small kitchen window would suffice (north wall?) and allows for storage or decorative use below, corrugated metal ceilings, open and curtained cupboards insufficient for tiny house travel, corner cabinet very useful (add glass or mirrored front?)
a row of houses sitting next to each other on a lush green field in front of brick buildings
Black House Japan, Kobe Property Images - e-architect
black house
a man standing on steps in front of a building
Discover the best labor of loved ones on Dwell
corrugated weber house exterior back door portrait
two large blue vases with plants in front of a gray and white building on a wooden deck
Architect Visit: Potting Shed by Silvercocoon - Gardenista
Based in Minneapolis, Silver Cocoon is a collaboration between husband/wife team Tia Salmela (of Finnish descent) and Souliyahn Keobounpheng (born in Laos and a Minnesota resident since 1979). Both have degrees in architecture from the University of Minnesota; together they strive to create "great and sensible design." We especially like this simple potting shed
a bathroom with a toilet, sink and shower curtain in it's corner area
Minimalist Wooden Cabin Design Vacation Home Decorating
I like the colors
the small house is surrounded by trees and flowers
Sleeping under a corrugated steel roof, on a rainy night, is one of lives great joys...
Shower and sink in one Diy Interior, Rv Bathroom, Tiny Bathrooms, Small Showers, Bathroom Shower, Tiny House Appliances, Corner Sink, Bathroom Sink, Tiny House Bathroom
Meet this Couple Living in a 204 Square Foot Tiny House
Shower and sink in one
a red house with two doors and windows
Portable Iron Houses | Open House Melbourne
Address: 399 Coventry Street, South Melbourne Opening Hours: 11am to 4pm - Saturday and Sunday What's Open: Tour the three prefabricated corrugated iron houses on site and view a DVD on the importation of prefabricated buildings to Australia during the gold rush years. Volunteer guides will be on site to answer questions.
a white house with the words weekend cabin on it
Porch House, Texas
Weekend Cabin: Porch House, Texas