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thatssewnina: My favorite DIY baby gift (part 2): Thirsty Burp C...

thatssewnina: My favorite DIY baby gift (part Thirsty Burp Clothes Use flannel, batting and terry cloth to make them! (Idea - use double-fold bias binding to finish the edge)

Here are 30 simple DIY Baby Gift tutorials all in one spot!  Pin now and craft later!  B-InspiredMama.com

DIY Baby Gifts - 30 Handmade Baby Gift Tutorials

baby feet...  I don't have a little one to spoil...  but I will remember this for future newbies that may come into our family...

DIY Baby Gift: Freshly Hatched Socks- can do for the leggings I'm gonna make-- maybe use hard plastic egg carrier to keep all those lil accessories organized.


thatssewnina: My favorite DIY baby gift (part Mitered Corner Blanket (and links to burp rags and baby shoes)

Decorative Wash Cloths: sew flannel to the front of regular wash cloths.

Easy to make baby washcloths for shower gifts: Need: Target plain white wash cloths for around piece of flannel for each (scraps work great). Use washcloth as pattern, sew with seam with right sides together, turn out, then stitch around all with seam.