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su sarcasmo e inteligencia lo hace un idolo ... quien esta conmigo?

Hugh Laurie is a leading character in House Seasons DVD that attracts many people to talk more about this role. House MD now comes to meet all its fans with its final season premire hotly

House  Wilson

Hugh Laurie Robert Sean Leonard - one of the great comedic and dramatic pairings of all time.

At first glance, Cliff and Clair may seem so boring in a TV world populated by will-they-or-wont they couples and on-again-off-again relationships. But that's precisely what makes them so great. Their union was never idealized, a la the Cleavers, but you know they were madly in love with each other and always made time for one another all the while juggling their busy careers and five kids.

My favorite tv-couple: Cliff and Clair (Bill Cosby and Phylicia Rashad), The Cosby Show

Orlando Bloom

Orlando Bloom is an English actor. He played Legolas in the Lord of the Rings film trilogy and.


Men of Honor. One of my favorite movies. I Do Agree. Both Actors did a Real Fantastic Job on this Film.

So sad this show was axed! It was another J.J. Abrams masterpiece in my opinion.

Alcatraz (TV Series) - In all the prisoners and guards mysteriously disappear from Alcatraz. In the present day, they resurface and a secret agency are tasked with re-capturing them.- i LOVED this show, WHY did they cancel it!

The Finder, 2012 // It got canceled, aw man. I LOVED this show.

It is a spin-off of another Fox television series, Bones. The backdoor pilot, entitled "The Finder", aired in its sixth season

The Good Wife (2009-2016) :

The Good Wife is an American television legal and political drama that started in Stars Julianna Margulies as Alicia Florrick. Julianna played such a good role in ER too.

Raising Hope. MaMa is hilarious.

Raising Hope Renewed by Fox for Season 2

Raising Hope andi_kyle the big screen and the boob tube

House TV Show | House M.D. (2004) poster -

I want to tear my leg so I can hit people with a cane and walk off like a "house"

Gonna miss House ...

Hugh Laurie medical TV drama House is to end in April after eight seasons

Breakthrough role: Hugh transformed himself from a geeky British comedian to an award-winning TV star in the US