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LED ring packaging

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“This packaging is made of six identical wooden cubes made of oiled nutwood. A leather hinge provides the opening function, a paper loop is used as closure. KLOTZ is not only for protecting the jewelry, but also for presenting it! The whole packaging is made out of natural materials and is 100% biodegradable.”

And packaging designs. In my travels, I came across this ring p.

crown ring to remind her that she is the daughter of the one true King!

A Father gives his daughter this ring for her to wear on her left ring finger--to remind her that she will always be HIS little Princess first-- and to remind her to only date boys who will treat her like a Queen--the way her Heavenly Father sees her!

ring. OH - GORGEOUS.   http://www.topazery.com/antique-jewelry-item-rg1750wb.htm

Swirling Diamond Wedding Ring, RG-1750wbym

Swirling Diamond Wedding Band– paired with a simple and dainty engagement ring. Love it! This is one of my favorite rings of all time! I think I prefer smaller stones. They are more elegant, and large stones can sometimes look tacky.

2013 Engagement Ring Trends

Modern and clean-lined, the bezel-set engagement ring is not only trendy, it’s also a super secure way of holding that precious solitaire gem. This setting is also a great way of showing off the richness of a platinum metal choice.

Erica Lyons Black Diamond Ring - Belk.com

Betsey Johnson Gold-Tone Green Faceted Stone Drop Earrings

Black Diamond Engagement Ring

Omnipotence all power inside, wear for benefits, or use in magic to easy get omni power yourself… ♥ Black Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Ring Wedding Set Black Gold Rhodium Plating Over White Gold