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Coffee - Coffee

Coffee Yoga for coffee lovers.

I drink water constantly. Flavored water. Made from all natural ingredien-- Fine. It's coffee. Happy?

Coffee Humor: I drink water constantly. Made from all natural ingredients -- Fine. It's coffee.

Looking forward to...

Sometimes I look forward to going to bed at night

10 coffee sayings that express perfectly your feelings for coffee - I Love Coffee

Try this morning yoga routine.

A Sun Salutation is a sequence of postures; this sequence is the most common salutation in yoga ranging from beginner classes to advanced yogi's. A sun salutation is a combination of stretching and toning.

For my coffee freak friends

So true, coffee humor, decaf

Have you had your coffee yet? #gourmetcoffeealternative

Kitchen yoga with coffee / Coffee art / Coffee Shop Stuff

http://lastlemon.com/harolds-planet/hp5295/ YOGA FOR TEA DRINKERS

Yoga for tea drinkers

3. Drink More Coffee

Funny Somewhat Topical Ecard: Things to do: Drink coffee

yoga. cat. gray. vintage look. and i already have a spot for it.


Cat on the mat. Such a helpful yoga pose friend.

Water is the most essential element of life because without it you cant make coffee.

Water is the most essential element of life, because without water, you can't make coffee. my life nowadays!

www.SageRecoveryAustin.com ~ We believe in holistic approach to recovery from  addiction. We offer yoga therapy classes for all in the recovery community in Austin, TX. Sharing a bit of yoga therapy humor with you all! Image source: http://www.pinterest.com/yogalurve/yoga-humor/

if human have downward dog, then dogs also have upward human :P

Workout fail: Illustration by Niki Foley on Deviantart --------------------> this is pretty much me doing push ups, LOL

Workout fail: Illustration by Niki Foley on Deviantart

It's definitely going to make me. Welcome back Monday, try not to suck today. Love, The entire world.

Some Days The Coffee Makes You

Some days you make the coffee.some days the coffee makes you! // so true!


I have OCD, obsessive coffee disorder, finally a proper diagnosis.

Advice to live by.

Yoga wisdom for everyday life

17 Things You Didn't Know About Your Coffee | The Muse

17 facts about coffee - infographic I love this. Who would've thought that coffee addiction was considered a social problem in the century?