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OMG! Bi colored peacock!

10 Stunning Albino Animals -- a semi-albino peacock, how beautiful!

Satyr Tragopan Pheasant | Satyr Tragopan Bird - Colorful Asian pheasant.

Satyr Tragopan Bird - Colorful Asian pheasant, with dots and more dots!

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Baby birds cuddling on branch.Cute animal pictures and happy feel good pictures. Steve jobs and bob marley quotes - adorable animals, bulldog

Blue-chinned Sapphire (Chlorostilbon notatus) Male displaying tail

Blue-chinned Sapphire (Chlorostilbon notatus) Male displaying tail at Yerette Colombia ranging south to the Guianas, Trinidad and Brazil, and Peru. Photo Fayar D Mohammed

A bearded vulture (biggest bird of prey that you can meet in Switzerland), taken against the bright gray sky.

The Bearded Vulture (Gypaetus Barbatus), also known as the Lammergeier or Lammergeyer, is a bird of prey. It lives and breeds on crags in high mountains in southern Europe, Africa and India

sulawesi hornbill by Alan Shapiro

The Red-knobbed hornbill (Aceros cassidix) primary home is in central and southern Sulawesi, Indonesia. It is also known as the Sulawesi wrinkled hornbill. See my Asian Birds board for more info.