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Thorth Vader (aka Darthor)

Thorth Vader (aka Darthor)

GREAT SCIENCE FICTION COMICS I'VE FOUND   FIND MORE HERE:  http://blacksciencefictionsociety.com/

Imani the Killer - A Jeff Carroll Story

The Sims Medieval: Pirates and Nobles: Mac: Video Games

The Sims Medieval Pirates & Nobles Adventure Pack introduces new quests, treasure hunting, and hundreds of new objects for your medieval.

foot archer: cuirass is a simple steel breastplate to protect her vital organs...should keep her safe even in light melee. ...knows to layer up under her armor, w/ loose, linen or wool tunic & pants for unhindered marksmanship & quick movement in the field. Her shoulders and hips are protected...by leather padding, loose to keep them from hindering mobility...leather bracers keep her arms safe from enemy weapons as well as the bite of her bow string. Lastly, leather greaves protect her legs

Nv, by Masway

Take down- 1) Get out of the path of the bullet. 2) Isolate and neutralize the weapon 3) Neutralize the opponent. The rest is all style.....

Take down- Get out of the path of the bullet. Isolate and neutralize the weapon Neutralize the opponent. The rest is all style.--Believe it or not, this is almost all Aikido, though he's using some force, since his attacker has little momentum.

Crasher Full Version

CRASHER is the first Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) game to stage motorized team battles, pitting up to 5 vs.