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I do have to correct this one thing... he has never matured because he still acts like a 5 year old.

The Doctor's age - that moment when you realize it's been 300 years since he lost Rose Tyler. :'( <--- WWHHHYYY<<The moment when you realize he spent 100 years traveling without the ponds

Lily playing pranks on the Marauders. So good it's almost cannon. In fact I shall take it as cannon.

Lily playing pranks on the Marauders. Oh my gosh, the most evil thinking I can imagine. If the Hat sorted based on qualities the person HAS, Lily Potter would have been sporting green and silver.

I love every piece of artwork Van Gogh painted, I feel like I can see what he felt, the sorrow, the passion, the good and bad, but his quotes, everything he wrote, somehow brings me comfort. I know how his brain functioned because mine does the same. ADD is a beautiful and torturing thing.

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I love every piece of artwork Van Gogh painted, I feel like I can see what he…

This is funny because in The Hobbit BOFTA Thranduil can't remember Aragon's name

Must correct: Aragorn son of Arathorn. But it is weird how nobody ever mentions that Legolas is son of Thranduil, King of the Woodland Realm. He had been to Mirkwood before and he was friends with Gandalf.

I am learning Japanese and I will randomly blurt words. Like I said thank you to a flower and I said umbrella when I saw a cat.

I haven't spoken the languages I tried learning in middle school in years but I talk in my sleep and evidentally I sometimes mumble in spanish japanese and english with random nonsense as well

There is something so wonderful about gardens to a child's eye. Like a mini jungle, little footsteps seek out the adventure and wonder amidst the towering plants. There are so many things to discover, colours to look at and dirt to play in. The touch and feel of different leaves amuse little hands.

Creating a Magical Children's Garden -

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Scientifically speaking, nobody needs a reason to be depressed. Depression is when certain chemicals in your brain become extremely unbalanced. You can have a perfect life and still have depression.

'maya, where are you?'/ 'never assume. look more deeply. just because something is wrapped up all pretty, doesn't mean it is.'

The Liply were once a quiet and graceful kind who lived among still waters.