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Nathan for You: Seasons One & Two

Nathan for You: Seasons One & Two

I'm learning all about Saving Grace: Season One (4 Discs) at @Influenster!

This series was one of the best I've seen on TV. Holly Hunter is a phenomenal actress!

Modern Family - Season 1  http://scc-heritage.scc.local/HeritageScripts34/Hapi.dll/retrieve2?SetID=BC8537E7-0D13-4097-B9B6-CDD2E904A1F3=modern%20family=%40=%23=AND=30=A1=1=%2E=F_b=B27_f=F10=HERITAGE

Get Modern Family DVD and Blu-ray release date, movie poster and movie stats. Jay Pritchett is the patriarch of a family that is not necessarily dysfunctional, but sure isn't perfect. First you have his much younger South American wife, Gloria and her

Not usually a Nick Kroll fan but this Netflix show "Big Mouth" is hilarious! http://ift.tt/2eBTflB

Big Mouth - Teenage friends find their lives upended by the wonders and horrors of puberty in this edgy comedy from real-life pals Nick Kroll and Andrew Goldberg.

Louie - Season 1 (2010) Netflix

Louie Ck is a genius and every episode of this show proves it

You know what, it's not your life, it's life. Life is bigger than you, if you can imagine that. Life isn't something that you possess, it's something that you take part in and witness. Louis CK

25 Times Louis C.K. Told Everyone The Goddamn Truth

Every time i see this meme I seriously think it's Patrick

Oh my God I never paid any attention to the guy but he really does look like Patrick Stump

Louis ck

Louis ck is defiantly my favorite comedian but this quote is so true on a philosophical level.

Daito Manabe | Artist, Designer, Programmer, DJ, VJ, Composer

Daito Manabe | Artist, Designer, Programmer, DJ, VJ, Composer

In Indiana University received funding to start the Truthy Project, which is dedicated to studying the spread of data and why things like memes go viral. We called the professor in charge of it to discuss dank memes and their effect on the.

*Portlandia* ♪The dream of the 90's is alive in Portland~

Portlandia DVD Set - Season One includes the entire first season plus deleted scenes, bloopers, and more. Fred Armisen & Carrie Brownstein's sketch comedy, takes a hilarious look at Portland and all that keeps us weird!

5 Insanely Out-of-Touch Responses to the Marijuana Legalization Movement

It was marijuana joints instead of champagne bubbles this year for some New Year's Eve revelers in Colorado, who lit up in private smoking clubs allowed for the first time under the state's new pot laws.