From "Melbourne’s premier street artist, RONE['s]... recent exhibition “Lumen,”..." | MASHKULTURE

From "Melbourne’s premier street artist, RONE['s]. recent exhibition “Lumen,”.

Exhibition opening: Melbourne – Rone’s ‘lumen’ show, October 24 The Melbourne street artist announces his first solo Australian exhibition in two years. Posted By Finn Houlihan | 15-Oct-2014 - See more at:

Melbourne's premier street artist, RONE shared his newest canvases from his most recent exhibition "Lumen," which consisted of several large scale portrait

Street art by Rone -

Street art by Rone

Street Art by Rone : Rone has become part of the Melburnian cityscape, his images giving beauty to the chaos of the street

The emotion of color....Artist :Hopare

30 Fresh & Creative Street Art Murals Guerilla Marketing Photo (for Icarus - yes, the red is blood, he's staring vacantly in death)

Adnate. #adnate


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