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16 Barbies que no quieres que lleguen a manos de tu hija

16 Barbies que no quieres que lleguen a manos de tu hija

10 Most Controversial Barbie Dolls To Shock The World

Yes!  They do doll

married to the mob. otha bitches just front, girls rule boyz drool!

Snow White by ~TeeLamb

Fairy Tale Mugshots Red Riding Hood, Goldilocks, Alice, and Snow White by TeeLamb (Marilen Adrover).

Barbie What ?

Please note the trashy boob tattoo on this Italian Hooker Barbie!

Whaaat?? Q mala idea señores! Esto es la evolución de la muñeca de primeros auxilios? Luego reclaman q se cae la natalidad.

I mean wtf? Barbie’s best friend, the pregnant Midge, sold with a baby in her belly. How old is Midge by the way? Barbie hangs out with sluts!

barbie fail14

16 Barbies que no quieres que lleguen a manos de tu hija

This is actually a good insult to one of those girls who's like.. it's all about me! And they cake on the makeup and stuff... ya.. I'm so using this

you're so fake, barbie is jealous. quotes quote words word sayings saying barbie dolls perfection girls want to be perfect beauty quotes & things

I would do all the crazy stuff, but pretend it was movies on a network TV channel named "Doll TV". So whenever I would start to play or would get back from the bathroom or whatever, I would act like a commercial break had just ended, and I would have to say Doll TV's slogan: "Our mouths may not move, but our movies have groove!"

I always did murder mysteries, and whenever the murderer was revealed I would put her in "jail" (which was the freezer).<<<I would always do something close to the first comment, having some kind of drama going on

Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy?

I'm no wadjet part 56

No more naked Barbies!!!  Best tutorial! #kids #toys #modest

Modest Barbie swimming suits with nail polish- Hahaha! Color bathing suits on unclothed Barbie dolls so they are not laying around naked!