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LITTLE BLUE (FAIRY) PENGUIN (Eudyptula minor) - the smallest species of penguin. They leave land at dawn under cover of darkness, spend the day at sea foraging in small groups, and return to land at dusk. Average 12-13 inches, 1 lb. The beta-keratin in their feathers is aligned into parallel fibers, like a row of hairs. The alignment and size of the fibers scatters the light and reflects the blue pigment range. Found in New Zealand and Australia.

Blue Penguins or Fairy Penguins, now officially known as Little Penguins, the smallest penguin of the 17 known penguin species and are only tall, found in Australia and New Zealand and live for approximately years

King Penguins - South Georgia

King Penguins - South Georgia Canvas Print / Canvas Art by Samantha Crimmin

King Penguins - South Georgia Photograph by Samantha Crimmin - King Penguins - South Georgia Fine Art Prints and Posters for Sale

Penguin in the snow

~~Christmas Card ~ Chinstrap Penguin, Half Moon Island, Shetlands, Antarctica by Per-Gunnar Ostby~~


When there was a live web cam at a zoo I had a link on my computer.watch the penguin web cam and get happy!