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The truth is of course is that there is no journey. We are arriving and departing all at the same time. —David Bowie (yr unknown) Love me some David Bowie!

You may now have David Bowie with David Bowie on his T-shirt on your boards. You're welcome.

The name is Klaude. Clusterfluff of genderless androgyne queer goodness. they/their/them or star/stars/starself.

David Bowie

David Bowie ellethekitty says: I would guess this is 1976 or so. Great sense of fashion although he hit the cocaine a little too hard Mehr

R.I.P David Bowie... | “It’s a shock to think that David Bowie is gone,” Scorsese said in a statement to EW. “He was one of those extraordinary artists that come along so rarely. There’s a song on his album Low called ‘Speed of Life,’ and that’s the speed at which he seemed to move — his music and his image and his focus were always changing, always in motion, and with every movement, every change, he left a deep imprint on the culture.”

Martin Scorsese pays tribute to 'extraordinary artist' David Bowie

David Bowie as Pontius Pilate in The Last Temptation Of Christ, 1988

David Bowie

18 /France/Art Student ♦David Bowie - Sherlock - Doctor Who, and everything else awesome♠ F.G is a precious babe.

David Bowie with his crew on stage

“This photo depicts simplicity but excitement if seeing Bowie/The Spiders live. The Rise Of David Bowie by Mick Rock.