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Actors wearing superhero shirts- YAAAAAAAS!!!!!

Batman Superman Green Lantern Captain America Iron Man Thor the Hulk Wolverine Spider-Man = sexy men

How The Avengers Get Together...

funny caption the avengers interview best text when chris evans texted assemble - Visit to grab an amazing super hero shirt now on sale!

Gallery For > Tom Hiddleston Emma Watson Gentleman

Funny pictures about Find the British guy. Oh, and cool pics about Find the British guy. Also, Find the British guy.

Undeniable proof that The LEGO Movie & Guardians of the Galaxy are the same movie (not that I'm complaining).

Undeniable Proof That "Guardians Of The Galaxy" And "The Lego Movie" Have The Exact Same Plot

Undeniable proof that "Guardians Of The Galaxy" and "The Lego Movie" have the same plot---> emmet and star lord are also both Chris Pratt <<< Whoa.I did not enjoy the Lego Movie, but I want to see Guardians.

Superman Going To Win The Fight...

Oh my gosh, Tony Stark is picking Batman. (I know there's one person out there who will understand the significance of this, lol)

Watching Any Marvel Movie: Fan VS Non Fan… I'm guilty of this more often than not

Dorkly Comic: What It’s Like To See Every Marvel Movie (For Fans and Non-Fans) A good portion of this is disturbingly accurate This is me(fan) and my husband(non-fan). So funny

I suddenly feel an absurd need to watch the news

The only news channel worth watching, Daily Asgardian News featuring Co-anchors Tom Hiddleston and Chris Hemsworth with Jeremy Renner for sports and Chris Evans on weather. Jeremy doesn't seem too happy about his job though Renner's face is priceless

Haha! That last one! Can you imagine Spiderman with a nose that large?

All Future Superhero Movies Should be Given to Pixar

Eerie superhero posters - Imgur

Eerie superhero posters - Imgur