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You've collected emails from your website. Now it's time to communicate with your readers. What do you send to your email list?

I talk constantly about the importance of setting up an email list. It’s the single most important thing you can do to build your author platform

Case Study: How to use Viral Giveaways to Grow Your Email List (1500 new subscribers and $5k in 10 days) — FEMTREPRENEUR

Case Study: Viral giveaway to grow your email list and improve your business!

Multiply Your Email Subscribers Like Rabbits (with this simple trick) http://madlemmings.com/2014/11/24/wordpress-popup-plugins/ #marketing #wordpress

Multiply Your Email Subscribers Like Rabbits (with this simple trick

How to Create an Epic Email Course as an Opt-in (And do you want a free bootcamp?) | by Regina | Bloglovin’

How to Create an Epic Email Course as an Opt-in (And do you want a free bootcamp?) (by Regina)

Soooo, let’s take a deep dive into how to create an email course (correction: an epic email course) that you can use as an opt-in for your email list to grow it wildly and to impress your savvy audien

Email marketer Bluecore adds advertising to its resume - http://feeds.marketingland.com/~r/mktingland/~3/m7pO4NyDVho/email-marketer-bluecore-adds-advertising-resume-179860?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=Friendly Connect&utm_campaign=RSS

Apple iOS device opens exceeded all other platforms combined, according an analysis of more than six billion emails.

Ever thought about cleaning up your email list and deleting old, out-of-date or unengaged contacts? Read this article to find out how I cleaned up my list, and why it ended up being pretty great for my business.

Why I Deleted 2,354 Names From My Email List (and How I Lived to Tell About It)

I deleted a LOT of names and email addresses from my email list last summer. Find out what I did, how I did it, and why I decided to perform this email list purge. Sneak peek: It's one of the BEST things I've done for my business in YEARS!

I'm going to be using Pinterest as one of the main tools to get my list to 16,000 people by the end of this year. Want to join my big list-building challenge? Check out all the details here!

Join Beth for the Great List-Building Challenge of 2016!

When you follow these simple CAN-SPAM regulations, you'll make your prospects happier and steer clear of email-related legal problems.

CAN-SPAM 101: A Crash Course in Bulk Email Regulations

How to Set up a Branded RSS Email to Your Blog Subscribers in MailChimp

How to Set Up MailChimp Like a Boss

Setting up an RSS Feed Mailchimp is an easy task. Mailchimp allows you to take your standard feed and turn it into an email campaign.