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A Crossover for Hailey

sci fi fantasy Sherlock (BBC) - A Dark Look Into the Mind of Sherlock

I feel like I'm the London of people.

“∞ Scenes of Sherlock ” John: So you take it out on the wall. Sherlock: Ah, the wall had it coming.

"It's for a case!"

Martin Freeman as john in Sherlock, and the hobbit in the hobbit. Sherlock as Sherlock in sherlock (haha) and the dragon in the hobbit

SHER-KHAN is actually happening!! Benedict to voice Shere-Khan in 'Jungle Book'

today’s announcement that Benedict will be voicing Shere Khan in Andy Serkis’ upcoming film ‘The Jungle Book’, this is just so much funnier. Now Benedict will have played Sherlock, Khan, and Shere Khan!

I love everything about this picture.

Sherlock approves of John's halo. << Sherlock approves of John, period :P

Sherlock mode <<< ah yes, but you see, that's The Eleventh Doctor, in pretty sure. Looks like him.

I like how it says "released into the public." But, like, when do we ever go in public? <--- I love this comment.<----- we never see the light of day.<----these are awesome, i love this fandom :)

Bringing Sherlock right up to date with the BBC series. Holmes and Watson (Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman) use all the century technologies to hand. Usually solved by brain power though!


I find it funny that they're both in the hobbit, sherlock, and now they're both in the marvel universe. If they cross over in even one movie, my life will be complete lol