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The Which Witch board game was released in 1970, as part of a wave of popular horror-themed board games of the late 1960s and early 1970s. Description from en.wikicollecting.org. I searched for this on bing.com/images

The ultimate kids’ haunted house game, Which Witch? by Milton Bradley, 1970 (aka Ghost Castle, Haunted House, and many other international editions).

Haunted House classic family board game from the mid-1970's ...later named Which…

Haunted House classic family board game from the .later named Which Witch one of my FAVORITE games.

20 Seventies toys: before everything went PINK | BabyCentre Blog

Perfection- this game always scared the crap out of me when the timer ran out. The ticker made me so nervous!

Which Witch board game

Yes, we actually had this game when I was a kid. Loved dropping the marble down the chimney to see where it would come out. Which Witch?

Vintage Spooky Games: why don't they make awesome stuff like this anymore?!

I got the MYSTIC SKULL game for my birthday. When you spun the 'wooden' skull log, it reacted to a magnet in the playing board.

Which Witch game

Which Witch game - and my husband swallowed the silver ball - boys.