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Express Design Director Melody Rains // photography by Yoon Kim
Express Design Director Melody Rains // photography by Yoon Kim
What Advice Would You Give To Your 23-Year-Old Self?: "I'm not sure I would tell her to do anything different. I'm pretty happy with how my career has turned out so far, and if I tried to tweak it, I'd probably screw it up for her. She figured it out okay." --Melody Rains, Design Director for Express // photography by Yoon Kim
Melody Rains of #Express Denim
"Work hard, be respectful of people at ALL levels within the company, listen and learn as much as you can, try anything they will let you try at work, and don't be afraid to let your voice be heard." --Melody Rains, Design Director at Express // photography by Yoon Kim
Bushwick Film Festival CEO and Director of Programming Kweighbaye Kotee #theeverygirl
"I’m writing from the perspective of a former fashion insider, but one who always considered herself an outsider’s insider, if that makes sense. I want the reader to feel included, and like I care about her taste and her thoughts, which I do. And like if we met, like we’d be friends." - Kim France of Lucky Magazine and Women of a Certain Age // photography by Trent Bailey Photography
Meghan Goulette, Director of Marketing at Rockit Ranch Productions // photography by Jennifer Kathryn Photography
Surface Pattern Designer and Creative Director Rebecca Atwood #career #design #theeverygirl
Common Thread Studio Founder and Owner Jin Kim #theeverygirl