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Sometimes the best part about Halloween for kids and their parents is getting to build their own costume from scratch.    Homemade military costumes a great way to show off your crafty side and support the military community at the same time.     You can really custom-make any type of military costume you want, starting with these crafty must-haves.

Halloween Must-Haves for Homemade Military Costumes

Why shop at a big-box Halloween store when you can spend less and have fun creating personalized, homemade military costumes?

Fall Parties: 21 Fun and Festive Decorating Ideas

Fall Parties: 21 Fun and Festive Decorating Ideas

Printable Halloween book covers

FREE Printable Halloween Spells Book Cover for your Halloween Decor or Halloween Party (Hmmm.that apple and spell book makes us think of some more uses.

Halloween Games: Monster Freeze Dance and Pumpkin Bowling

Active and Not-Too-Spooky Halloween Games for Kids

Game for downstairs thin room for youngers: Freeze Dance ON BUBBLE WRAP - need music and a caller & big roll of bubble wrap. Monster Freeze Dance Game, Pumpkin bowling, and other fun Halloween Party games for kids.