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The Uprising of the Egyptian People revealed to the world the Power of People Everywhere! The nonviolent protests removed a dictator. Looks like they used the "Black Power" symbol from the American Civil Rights Movement

Greenpeace/Climate Change

"In the past 30 years, the Arctic has lost of its sea ice. As the ice melts, companies are moving forward to exploit natural resources and potentially harm the already endangered environment." Save The Arctic


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Reduce your use of plastic, detergents, artificial chemicals and all that other crap you don't need & keep our oceans clean!

I really like the text in this PSA because it uses water pipes to spell out help to communicate Africa needs help getting water.

20 Creative Advertisements for Non Profits

Caging sentient creatures in order to watch them perform stupid tricks..what a sick, twisted world.

Blackfish - Orcas like Tilikum, Lolita [at Miami Seaquarium] and Morgan - captured and taken from their families.