Golden Gang Kindergarten: Free Skittles Rainbow Math Activity

I have had several people ask about the Skittles Rainbow Math activity. I posted it as a freebie last year but I am linking it here a.

Pin #4. Students use this worksheet to find various real life objects that are the same shape as the ones pictured on the sheet. This incorporates literacy by having students write out the names of objects that go in each square that match the given shape.

Math: shape search ~ use each own sheet, scavenger hunt the space for shapes, find, show teacher and then tally mark on sheet -

Cheerful Speech Chatter: A Sweet Start to the School Year

Get to Know You Game and Graph- Skittles Edition!play with pompoms not skittles!

M Graphing and Estimation. Would change "guess" to "estimate" and get rid of the intervals so kids could choose one that was appropriate for their data.

Math Standard Students will draw a picture graph and bar graph. This activity will be used at the beginning of the year in math to work on sorting M + Ms. My students will make a pictograph and bar graph to record their findings.

*Lil Country Kindergarten*: FREE Pilgrim Boy Hundreds Chart

Extend your Thanksgiving Unit into Math with this Pilgrim Boy Hundreds Chart Picture Activity by helping students increase their number recognition skills with

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Free printables to use with mini erasers from Target, Party City, Dollar Tree and other sources. Your preschool and kindergarten kids will love learning basic math skills like counting, patterning, and graphing with these cute, fun mini erasers!

Mini Eraser Math Activities for Preschool

Mini eraser activities to teach number sense, counting, sorting, patterning and more to your kids at home or in your preschool classroom.