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Kangaroo - Funicular Structure. http://spacesymmetrystructure.wordpress.com/2010/01/21/kangaroo/

Project Kangaroo – Live 3D Physics for Rhino/Grasshopper – update

Project Kangaroo – Live Physics for Rhino/Grasshopper – update

Karamba Form Finding - YouTube

This video is an introduction to Form Finding using Rhino, Grasshopper, and Karamba. It also demonstrates how to unroll or flatten a double curved surface.

Grasshopper/Kangaroo to Revit...  The Proving Ground by Nathan Miller

The Proving Ground by Nathan Miller: Revit API: Divided Surfaces and Excel Interop

19_jointtypologies.jpg (600×318)

19_jointtypologies.jpg (600×318)


Ramboll’s Trada Pavilion, a plywood structure inspired by the efficient curved forms of Frei Otto and Heinz Isler, at the Timber Expo


A Year of Grasshopper Experiments with DS10

Rhino Grasshopper Kangaroo - Curve Pull

Rhino Grasshopper Kangaroo - Curve Pull