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So beautiful, amen. Praise our Lord and Savior, give thanks for everything he does for you.

May the Lord dig up the stones of pain, regret, and angst from your soil and deliver you once and for all. May he turn over the soil of your heart and plant new seeds of faith, vision, and purpose specific to your life's calling.

Peace in the Yard: 7 Ways To Dog Proof Your Fence

Dog Fence - Peace in the Yard: 7 Ways To Dog Proof Your Fence Check out helpful tips from notesfromadogwalk. for crafting an effective dog-proof enclosure.

Wildly Popular new item designed by Stephanie Burgess for Painted Peace.  This is a 6' Peace Pole made in the USA!   -Long-lasting and maintenance free. -Made of strong, lightweight PVC to reduce shipping costs. -Laminated for fade-resistance and added durability. -Easy to install. No digging...

"Love Garden" Peace Pole sold by Quirks of Art . Shop more products from Quirks of Art on Storenvy, the home of independent small businesses all over the world.

Bedroom colors you should choose to get a good nights sleep

Switching Off: Bedroom Colors You Should Choose To Get A Good Night’s Sleep

Master Bedroom color option-Soft Blue Wall Color Scheme and Beautiful Abstract Wall Art in Small Modern Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Bush Clematis 'Stand by Me'. Photo courtesy of Proven Winners®  This is not a sponsored post, so I feel free to say that I have m...

Bush Clematis 'Stand by Me'. Photo courtesy of Proven Winners® This is not a sponsored post, so I feel free to say that I have m...

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Disregarding the bird, as it's not my favorite, I absolutely need this Tree of Life Peace Sign tattoo

be at peace, not in pieces Use words for tattoo

Keep going (dependswhatdayitis)

be at peace, not in pieces. Like the quote a lot - maybe in a different language though

Peace sign with wildflowers... First peace sign tattoo I like, also this song was what I used for father/daughter dance at my wedding.

Floral peace sign and "you belong among the wildflowers" A Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers quote . really pretty love love love Tom petty!

Many have repinned this...I hope all will follow it's wisdom for a more peaceful existence♥

10 to Zen. Let go. And have a property belly laugh at least once a day. :) When was the last time I had a proper belly laugh?

“We are tied to the ocean. And when we go back to the sea, whether it is to sail or to watch – we are going back from whence we came…”

This is a picture of sun rays shining underneath water. I chose this picture because I thought it was really beautiful with the streaks that the light made through the water and the shadows that the light created on the sand.