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The Philosoraptor meme lets any user ponder why things are the way they are, dino-style. BTW, Philosoraptor, I think the answer is "yes" to both your

I'll help you pack!

Sign posted by a neighbor fed up with people complaining about him flying the American flag. Why do people ever have issues with someone flying the American flag in their yard in the U. If it were some kind of hate flag I would totally understand.

This should be a law...

This should be a law…

White House Petition of the Day: Make Legislators Wear Logos of Corporate Backers. How true of all of them!

When They Burn Books

When They Burn Books

Also, Hitler had ties to large anti-Semitic Muslim groups.

Washington, DC ...Guess who HE'S talking about? ????

Funny pictures about Wise words from George Carlin. Oh, and cool pics about Wise words from George Carlin. Also, Wise words from George Carlin.


Big Brother or Browser is watching you 1984 to 2010 The World Wor ( L ) D has changed, LOL

Trumps Deplorable Hate + Fearmongering Are the problem!!

This is the country we live in . unethical politicians, deliberate misinformation and a gullible population.

Be sure to put your feet in the right place, then stand firm!  -- Lincoln

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Honest Abe Celestial Art Print

This unique art print features one of the greatest figures in American history, an inspiring quote, and a NASA Hubble telescope image of the heavens-

Wisconsin republicans.  Just unbelievable how stupid a party can be

Kellee on

Wisconsin republicans introduced a law to classify single parenthood as child abuse. Both President Clinton and President Obama came from single Mothers. VOTE THE GOP OUT in