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Dietmar Voorworld is an artist who takes rocks, pebbles and leaves he finds in nature and turns them into memorable pieces of land art. Stunning Circular Land Art Made of Rocks and Leaves - My Modern Met

Gabriella, a perky lady with an independent mind, and Sylvie, our oldest resident, named after the ballet dancer on account of her russet flecked plumage. Just dashing out to chase them off the lettuces.

Andy Goldsworthy - absolutely my favorite artist. He makes sculptures out of only natural things without using glue. This would make a great home for wildlife

Funny pictures about Rock's spiral. Oh, and cool pics about Rock's spiral. Also, Rock's spiral photos.

Landart, by Andy Goldsworthy Rivers, journeys, art that returns back to nature has a beginning and end

by Martin Hill. Stacking stones rocks arch art sculpture - maybe for a garden pond ? An aquatic stargate for my inner geek ! Like how reflection completes circle


I want to adapt this to some INTERIOR use, in my someday-to-be shower.  AmMeer 438 Hopeman Bay, Moray, Scotland

Create a rock garden for grade waldorf as part of putting the physical in tow with the spiritual. AmMeer 438 Land Art by Dietmar Voorwold “Nature is the perfect stage and canvas for the beauty and lightness, that I like to express.

Polish Artist Covers City Streets In Intricate Lace Patterns

Polish Artist Covers City Streets In Intricate Lace Patterns Its all so pretty. I could handle seeing more of this around my world. Is she my long lost cousin?