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I love that Figment is one of the Khaleesi's dragons.  Mona Calentine's Mother of Dragons

geek-art: “Mona Collentine - Disney / Game of Thrones Mother of Dragons Mona Collentine’s mashup between Disney Princess and the Targaryen Queen from Games of Thrones.

Ayomi, Sam Hogg on ArtStation at https://www.artstation.com/artwork/kOlol

Another of my Whaler Girl project courtesans. Ayomi is the only courtesan to have willingly chosen the lifestyle before ever having met the Dark Merchant leader, Kalam. She and the Beserker beast a.

Joe jusko

For over 30 years, artist Joe Jusko has been creating stunning fantasy, pin-up and comic book artwork and illustrations for the publishing and comic book industry.