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Bloody pinter

Bloody pinter

Jeff:is this working,no. Will this work, no. This does.

Jeff:is this working,no. Will this work, no. This does.

Liuxjeff by gatanii69 on DeviantArt

Comic Creepypasta Jeff and Liu

Sleep..... Me: Heck no!

I yelled this at someone who was picking on me at school and they just backed away slowly and it was the funniest shit I've ever seen 🤣

Slenderman should be an SCP he fits in perfectly!

New vision on 8 pages from the "Slender" game.


Creepypastas by BlasticHeart----BlasticHeart is one of my favorite Deviantartists

總而言之請起床。 不然弟弟要對你做些什麼了。

XD I wanna hear Jeff sing




Sweet Dreams by Alloween on DeviantArt /// Jeff and Liou

Never joke about kidneys with EJ XD

Eyeless Jack & Jeff the Killer

Today's menu : A-glass-of-mystery -crunchy Winter vacation!!! Hooray! I'm FREEEEEEEEEEE I was so dead last month XDD And guys I'm back *hugs* ----------------------------------------- <Previous:...

I found the creepy pasta version of Aomine Daichi from Kuroko no Basket!

Some fun stuff for you :)

Found on

Jeff the Killer: Three Days Grace - time of dying

Creepypasta Memes by dragonladydoctor on Polyvore featuring art and creepypasta

sexualised Creepypastas are just weird. Ben is a fucking 12 years old looking pixel boy, he won't have Abs!

The Creepypasta ABC's

The Creepypasta ABC's is pretty lit ~AS

Ich liebe dieses Lied...!

Tell the world I'm coming home, Let the rain hit my face, An wash away all the pain, cuz In the end one by one, Two by two eventually its me against YOU.