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Could any of you Photoshop my mouth closed? Thanks.

Could any of you Photoshop my mouth closed? Thanks.

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I may be an emo but atleast i have a heart big enough to let a guy like you in - I may be an emo...#2

The eyes are the windows to the soul. I love drawing eyes, its my absolute favourite part of portrait sketch. Its where the life is, the soul, the passion.

Art Projects for Kids: Chuck Close Self Portrait

Chuck Close Self Portrait by Leo

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33 More Awesome Facts About Cats

A most beautiful cat eye. Cat's like this are usually either Russian Blues or Korats. These are beautiful animals with green eyes and plush blue-gray fur. I used to have a Russian Blue, myself. - What more to say other than we just LOVE cool stuff!

Health Medical Care - Bifold Brochure Template - Corporate Brochures

Health Medical Care - Bifold Brochure Template

Buy Health Medical Care - Bifold Brochure Template by katzeline on GraphicRiver. [ Health Medical Care – Bifold Brochure Template] Closed Size: + Bleed, 10 Pages-CMYK Print Read.

siamese ~ Rhiards Donskis aka Apofiss

In his post we gathered some funny or humorous as well as cute digital art concepts of animals(creatures) created by the talented Rihards Donskis a. Apofis, a digital painter from Latvia. Hes work fill your heart with joy.