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Is it bad that I genuinely thought they meant drake bell and got really confused when they put the words to a drake song? I was also confused when he didn’t look like drake bell >> this caption made me laugh more than the actual post

14 Reasons Why Having Kids Is Awesome…

Loved this.Reasons Why Having Kids Is Awesome. So funny + true. Being a parent means lots of laughter + funny times.

What I actually look like while running....

While driving in my comfy, air conditioned car, I notice the same people running and they look as though they're in pain. It's so bad for your knees and face.

All These Games And You Decided to Play Me | Know Your Meme “All These Games But You Decide To Play Me” is the name of a snowclone in which a person makes a pun with the template “All these X and you choose to be Y.” They generally tend to focus on sad relationship puns. Read more at KnowYourMeme.com.

All These Games And You Decided to Play Me