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Beef chuck roast with vegetables and coffee cooked in pressure cooker. Use a cup of very strong black coffee for this delicious beef recipe!

Mediterranean Beef Tips with Tzatziki - marinated sirloin tips in a flavorful mixture of garlic, oregano, olive oil and lemon are served with a garlicky, dill tzatziki sauce. Can be served as an entree or appetizer with some pita bread.

Mediterranean Beef Tips with Tzatziki. I bet this would be even tastier with lamb.


Grilled Coffee-Rubbed Steak

See how people around the world take a cup of coffee!

Coffee Culture Around the World : TravelChannel.com

I'm obsessed with my aeropress. It's the jet thing that ever happened to my relationship with coffee.   http://www.cadecga.com/category/Aeropress/ http://www.pinterhome.com/category/Aeropress/ http://www.homefavour.com/category/Aeropress/ AeroPress vs French Press

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