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Inspirational Mockingjay Necklace - The Hunger Games inspired -BELIEVE - bird

Inspirational Mockingjay Necklace - The Hunger Games inspired -BELIEVE - bird

Mockingjay Pin Tutorial - This is a very nice tutorial. The movie is coming out on video soon, so these pendant will be very popular.  I teach so I may make me one to help motivate my students to read the books.

- Hunger Games Polymer Clay - how to make mocking jay pin with polymer clay - thanks to Elaine at Craft Gossip for the link!

7 Second Challenge with part of The Mockingjay Cast { come with me to my pinterest party we have tea and aesthetic stuff }

This interview makes me so happy because Dan loves her and oh gosh it's so cute

jace, my love

only jace. only jace would look past the fact that hes a demon slayer to the fact that hes naturally blond

Welcome to District 12: The District 13 Schematic Bandana

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1 Character Portraits found in District 13 schematic: Katniss Everdeen. An amazing movie!

Jennifer Lawrence Was a Teenager Too

Jennifer Lawrence Was A Teenager Too Funny Pictures Funny Photos Funny Images Funny Pics Funny Quote

Jennifer Lawrence:) best actress ever!

Reasons to love Jennifer Lawrence / iFunny :) I love her to death