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That is SOOOOO funny!!!!!!! Abby would probably find a way to blame Brooke if Maddie missed a turn…

Maddie Ziegler Photostream

Television personalities Maddie Ziegler (L) and Mackenzie Ziegler attend the 'Dance Moms' meet and greet benefiting Starlight Children's Foundation at Stoopher & Boots on September 2012 in New York City.

New York DA charged with official misconduct and perjury for withholding evidence from a grand jury he surreptitiously convened to clear a police officer of a killing

Schneiderman Announces Settlement With Western Sky Financial And Cashcall For Illegal Loans Made Over The Internet

These are probably some of the most wonderful people out there.

My faith in humanity? It's restored.

Biker gang protects child abuse victims - this is the sweetest thing ever and I'm so thankful that these people take their time to help abused children. More people need to be like this! Child abuse has to end.

These almost brought me to tears they are so sweet and genuine I'm blown away by the simple beauty

Meme Center - Largest Creative Humor Community

Faith In Humanity. I know the whole post is long, but worth reading, especially the story from the taxi driver.

Here are the changes they have made to the Teen driving Laws in PA! make sure your young driver knows the rules of the road as well as the letter of the law!

PennDOT Driver and Vehicle Services - Boat, Snowmobile and ATV Registration

Why soy is not dangerous...estrogen's role in breast cancer...http://www.envirocancer.cornell.edu/FactSheet/General/fs10.estrogen.cfm

Article about a study from Cornell University. Environmental Chemicals do affect Breast Cancer Risk

This is a fantastic MUST WATCH video  - A  fact check on Obama’s rags to riches story to find the truth, and well, to put it nicely, it ain’t the truth Obama wants you to know http://www.therightscoop.com/wow-special-report-fact-checks-obamas-alleged-back-story-and-it-aint-good/#

( the obama regime Amnesty Report ) Patcnews Dec 2014 The Patriot Conservative News Tea Party Network Reports Ted Cruz is pissing off the ENTIRE U. Senate over the obama regime illegal immigration action! © All copyrights reserved By Patcnews

'Specially Adapted To Female Constitutions' #60Minutes just did a show exposing this little known fact: antidepressants & other meds dosages have been based on males for years. They're only just realizing how wrong that was for women. #surprise

A Creepy Medical Tour Of The Past

Kilmer’s Female Remedy : This ‘medicine’ from the late was marketed as a ‘blood purifier’ and supposedly good for women, but by 1906 it was targeted for its peculiar claims and questionable ingredients.