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Cool use of story-telling on the iPad

Cool use of story-telling on the iPad

Facebook in the '90s

If were invented in the prepared to be poked and tracked by everyone you know.

Project Title:  Intel "Smart TV" Length: :30 and :70 Debut Date:  11/1/10   Advertising Agency: Tribal DDB Worldwide Group Creative Director: Kinney Edwards Producer: Julio Soler Account Director: Joe Harrington  Production Company:  Shilo    Director:  Evan Dennis Compositing:  Gabriel Regentin, John Loughlin CG Lead:  Warren Heimall 3D Animation: Richard Cayton, Pete Karnik 3D Artist: Eric Xu Storyboard Artist:  Ed Tranquilo Editor:  Nate Caswell Assistant Editor: Hedia Ma...

This is "Intel "Smart TV"" by Shilo. on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.

Link your Amex card to Twitter and get great deals from the likes of Zappos, McDonald's, and the Cheesecake Factor.

American Express and Twitter Deals

happy father's day google doodle

Search engine creates doodle in honour of event created in early century by American Sonora Dodd

To promote a new drama called "The Practice", bathroom mirrors in cinemas were transfomed into two-way mirrors

Newcastle Billboard Battle – Who uses the word chalice by Droga5

The war between BMW vs Audi seems to be over, now its Newcastle Brown ambushing a Stella Artois advert.I love the fun they have when they create these kind of advert wars. Wonder if Stella Artois will come back with something or just leave it as is.

Google today released a vastly revised version of its Chrome operating system with two new devices built by Samsung. One is a new laptop, the Chromebook. But the second one is far more interesting: Chromebox. A lot of tech sites seem to think that this device is for home theaters, as an alternative to a Roku box or Apple TV. Theyre missing the point. Click through for more..

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Facebook FlipBook

Facebook FlipBook

How To Cook Beef Stroganoff and Fight Off A Ninja by Ronen V. http://RONENV.com

How To Cook Beef Stroganoff and Fight Off A Ninja by Ronen V. http://RONENV.com

Teabagger Idea The fine folks of Troy, Michigan were in a bit of a financial bind. They wanted to pass a small tax to help pay to keep the library open. This, being a tax increase, brought Tea Party activists out in droves.  Those Tea Party activists cried and rallied against any increase in taxes, as in their standard operating procedure. They were successful in changing the conversation away from protecting the library. Instead, they had everyone just talking about taxes.  The library…

Using reverse psychology to alter the conversation surrounding a tax increase for a library. Interested to know what other library folk think of this tactic. Books to Burn: Adventures In Reverse Psychology