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♂ Urban public farm

Project Public Farm 1 was constructed in 2008 (NY) as an educational and social space that functioned as an urban farm. Edible vegetables, fruits, salads were located in raised planter columns which grave rise to an eye catching structure.

Prothofactory,Rendering by Play-Time, http://www.play-time.es. Image Courtesy of Marta Garcia-Orte + Aaron Tregent

Gallery of Prothofactory / Marta Garcia-Orte + Aaron Tregent - 2

Image 2 of 15 from gallery of Prothofactory & Marta Garcia-Orte + Aaron Tregent. Rendering by Play-Time, http:& Image Courtesy of Marta Garcia-Orte + Aaron Tregent

conceptLANDSCAPE : Photo

Campus vibe: The plan for a revived Christchurch includes better use of green spaces and an overall design that would give more emphasis to the Avon River which winds through the city

To get a sense for what it's like starting up environment-friendly and social ventures today, we reached out to three founders based out of NYC's Green Spaces i

Room to Grow: A Look at the Changing Landscape of Green Startups

Sustainable signage, Calgary, Canada- would be fun on a domestic scale too, especially with a hidden front entry.

MOS Architects Corridor House at the 2015 Chicago Architecture Biennial

House (Corridor House) A 500 square foot house, the size of corridors in many suburban single family houses. The prototype was included in the Chicago Architecture Biennial.

Hue Plus / Schemata Architects

Gallery of Hue Plus / Schemata Architects - 41