Detective Short Stories, Norman Norm Saunders pulp cover girl woman dame grasp grab tied bound mummy Egypt Egyptian gun pistol rescue fight danger

The Tourist Cabin Murders. Cover for Detective Short Stories, Cover art by Norman Saunders

Spicy Detective Stories

The Geeky Nerfherder: Sci-Fi, Fantasy & Horror Cover Art: Allen Anderson

Pulp Covers – Page 2 – The Best Of The Worst

gentlemanlosergentlemanjunkie: “Detective Fiction Weekly, January cover art by Rudolph Belarski.

Gun Molls! Hells yeah

Era dos gangsteres / Gun Molls Magazine, October (Cover art by Chris Scharre.

capas vintage de revista - Pesquisa Google

Thrilling Wonder Stories, Summer 1944 - "The Giant Runt" - Cover by Earle Bergey - (JPEG Image, 3400 × 4900 pixels) - Scaled

TOM LOVELL, illustrator (mummy pulp)

Dime Mystery pulp cover by Tom Lovell, girl woman dame captive prisoner hostage sacrifice tied bound rescue dagger knife mummy sarcophagus Egypt Egyptian foreign exotic dungeon danger