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If you sound it out the word "tea" is awfully close to the word "Nazi." Tea Party, Nazi Party. Try it. It is what poets call a near rhyme. Near is too close for me.

We must reduce workers salaries and take away their Right to Strike~~Hitler 1933

OMG------IF this ain't the damn truth, nothing is!!! PERFECTLY PUT!!!! :0)

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A proposed oil pipeline is set to begin construction on tribal lands in North Dakota. Members of various Native American reservations gathered Monday to try to stop it.

Photos Show Why The North Dakota Pipeline Is Problematic

A treacherous terrorist protester grandmother being arrested for Standing in the outer Layer of Barricades, that separate construction site from police line on Monday Construction site.

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Looking Forward to a Decade of Trillion-Dollar Deficits – DCReport.org

Looking Forward to a Decade of Trillion-Dollar Deficits – DCReport.org


But republiCONs only complain about President Obama attending world conferences.



This is why we love Bernie.

We've cut back on education, we've cut back on nutrition programs, we've thrown kids of Head Start. We have billions to spend on war but no money to take care of the very pressing needs of the American people. That bothers me a lot.

Bernie Sanders explains why he want to tax Wall Street to pay for debt-free four-year public college for all students: The people of this country bailed out Wall Street, and not it is time for Wall Street to help out the middle class.

Makes sense to me

A central question in the era I describe in my Hippie Trails novels asked if we could deal with the Establishment at all. Five decades later, we have some answers .