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Checkout 19 best pergola plants for your garden. These climbing plants for pergolas and arbors can also be grown in small gardens easily

19 Best Climbing Plants for Pergolas and Trellises

"A 9 foot x 6  foot north-west facing foot balcony, 5 south facing window sills, 3 north facing window sills, and a small patch of concrete outside the front door. Is this enough growing space to keep a family in vegetables most of the year?"

Inspiration ♧ Vertical Veg: An absolutely awesome container gardener in the UK shares the benefits and details of how to produce food in small, urban, vertical spaces.

Assessing Your Landscape Needs: Start the landscaping process by focusing on what you want from your yard.

Assessing Your Landscape Needs

Garden and Swingset So that's how you balance gardens and kids. this is soooo Brandon and I!


Gardening for Beginners #Infographic

This infographic by Capital Garden Services is designed to help beginners get started in the garden. It contains the basic knowledge of gardening and is a good guide for beginners. - My Gardening Path

One thing I love doing in my garden is observing patterns and witnessing nature.  Growing healthy fresh food is the main reason why I grow food, but  I also love to sit and observe things grow and the life buzzing in the garden. When you learn to build healthy soil you realize that it'

Garden Better with Biodiversity & Wild Pollinators -

Garden, Tea, Cakes and Me: Common Garden Pests and How to Manage Them Infogra. Definately need this. Every year i fond a new pest

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12 Ways Vinegar Will Save your Garden - Page 14 of 14 -

Do you know that vinegar can be used to save your garden? Here are some ways on how to use vinegar to save your garden. Vinegar can also be used as a natural pest repellant.

Haha, I think this Perennials Made Easy post was written just for me! My gardens are SO boring, and I've been wanting to learn how to spruce them up, so this is perfect timing. So many amazing tips in this post, I can't wait to go plant shopping!

Perennials Made Easy! How To Create Amazing Gardens

Inspiration for flower bed. Tips for perennials made easy: How to avoid (or fix) dull, boring gardens and create eye-popping perennial gardens that everyone will envy.

Common Garden Pests  this is a great guide to help identify garden pests and to help managed pests in the garden. Identify those insects that are beneficial to your garden.   Garden, Tea, Cakes and Me

Common Garden Pests and How to Manage Them Infographic

COMMON GARDEN PESTS - We show you how to protect your garden from annoying pests. There are many simple ways to prevent little animals and bugs from ruining your harvest.