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You betcha

You betcha

God gives us strength to face our problems, not to flee from them. If there is something you are holding onto tighter, you may need to let go and move on. Above all else, God should come first.

Never hold on to anything tighter than you are holding on to God! So true. You have to put God first and no longer hold on to the world! We are living in the world but not of the world!

Use God's Armor to STOP overeating in it's tracks! Practical tips for the Christian.

Use the Armor of God to Defeat Overeating! Part 1

As a Christian, how do you fight overeating? The Bible tells us about the tools of the Armor of God. Learn how to use the armor TODAY in practical ways!

By Cidne Wallace.  www.shadesgifts.com  #blackart

Be thankful for unknown blessings already on their way. God's got this.