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Trucker Buddy International/Pen Pal School Program - travel across U.S. with trucker, track, pen-pal....

Trucker Buddy International/Pen Pal School Program - travel across U. with trucker, track, pen-pal.

Around The World In 80 Games - Digg

Around The World In 80 Games

​Everyone loves a good game, but what we play is very much dependent on our location and our culture. This infographic chronicles all the weird and wonderful games played around the world. How many have you played? Check out the infographic below.

Let children use a camera and display the photos they take.

Give children a camera and make a display of the photos they take - good topic display idea

Ancient Civilizations Lesson Ideas  -> check the proof of my 800 a day program www.CPA-money.com

Ancient Civilizations Lesson Ideas Numerous lessons check out the 6 pg lesson Mesopotamia.

Unplugged coding is a great way to use critical spatial thinking as well as practice cardinal directions, map reading & general map skills for Social Studies!

Reading and Writing Code while Using a Map

Fits with content descriptor: (Australian Curriculum: Technology Year This activity is a good way of demonstrating to students that coding is done everywhere, not just on a computer.

Social stories can be used as a behavioural strategy by modelling what is the right and wrong thing to do.

Social Story -No Hitting

Social Story about getting angry and hitting out. A tried and tested strategy in behaviour managment. Social stories help a person with autism understand how

This Social Story Bundle includes 10 of my best selling Social Stories plus 6 Social Story strips.

Visual Support Self-Management Cards -Autism