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flitterling:  Milky Way over Mount Bromo by Anneliese & Claus Possberg

flitterling: “ Milky Way over Mount Bromo by Anneliese & Claus Possberg ”

Exhibition: Cropped for Pinterest - Trey Ratcliff | Stuck In Customs | HDR Photography Portfolio

stars in a pink sky.Trey Ratcliff-Aurora Australis-The Comet-Queenstown, New Zealand.

Shooting stars

Milky Way and falling stars -- Into Hyperspace by Michael Shainblum

“Someone who dreams cannot be forced to stop—there are no limitations to dreams, because we do not own dreams, dreams are from God.” ~ Christina Westover

The core of our galaxy Staring to the Sagittarius region during a clear summer night is always a moving experience. Naked eye cannot count the stars. But a good pair of binoculars is enough to.

beauty-rendezvous: “ NGC7380 The Wizard Nebula by Simon Addis ”:

beauty-rendezvous: “ The Wizard Nebula by Simon Addis ”: it looks like a hole in the universe 💙

Bubble Nebula

The Bubble Nebula - A cosmic bubble of titanic proportions called the Bubble Nebula (NGC six light years wide, was formed by violent winds blown out by the hot central supergiant star, several hundred thousand times more luminous than our sun

Purple space!

A giant gas cloud spanning light years with a mass of 10 billion Suns inside the galaxy merger system NGC involving two spiral Milky Way-sized galaxies each containing a supermassive black hole in the center.