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alcoholic ketoacidosis cdn.lifeinthefastlane.com

alcoholic ketoacidosis cdn.lifeinthefastlane.com


The Effect of Television Frame Rate on EEG Abnormalities in Photosensitive and Pattern-Sensitive Epilepsy - Fylan - 2005 - Epilepsia

Contusion vs. Concussion: Understanding the Difference

Understanding the difference of a concussion vs. contusion can help you get an idea of what to expect from your recovery journey.

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Electrolyte Cheat Sheet

As a nurse you are expected to know about electrolytes, their normal levels, and what effect they have on the body if they fall outside of their usual range. Here are a few key electrolytes you’ll want to memorize!

Molecules and their execution of chemistry in human mind. Ha! Love is high in the same chemicals as a schizophrenic! everything makes so much more sense!

kingofcyberspace: yourqueerbff-jackson: holistic-discovery: A simple diagram to help understand neurotransmitters and their functions in our bodies.


Dangerous drug interactions - pinning for the tip about birth control. If taking antibiotics, the effects of birth control might be reduced, so use an additional method while on antibiotics.

High vs. Moderate Intensity Statin Therapy. Hyperlipidemia. ASCVD.

ACC/AHA 2013 Cholesterol Guidelines: High- and Moderate-Intensity Statin Therapy

Image from https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/34/a1/90/34a190b710b2ff0a152b0ee97b9fedae.jpg.

12 cranial nerves mnemonic Oh oh oh to touch and feel a girls vagina simply heaven!

Except for pedi pts...of course.

I haven't charted a true respiratory rate since nursing school. Oh so true