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Виктория Боня раскрыла семейные тайны в шоу Малахова "Пусть говорят"

Виктория Боня раскрыла семейные тайны в шоу Малахова "Пусть говорят"

Okay, so it would either be a pretty strange story, or adorable if they go the route of somehow putting a sort of fantasy twist on it.

Me: "um, we were in the school gym and i got flustered and she got flustered and we hugged.

ಎpinterest: seldsum

ಎpinterest: seldsum

Yet another beauty site

Tutorial on How to do a Big Ponytail Bow by Island Girl. Check out more Hair on Bellashoot.

*Bucket List For Girls*

Black is the New Black

There are 10 tips to buy these sunglasses: mask masquerade mask black ribbon masquerade fifty shades of grey sexy halloween accessory jewels dentelle noir masque lace cute party.

For a girl, some sort of similar decoration as this (soft pink), nix the bird theme and do a soft or muted zebra addition (world market may have something). This way it could go off the zebra and pink theme that B loves but it wouldn't feel provocative or enticing- since it's for a baby not for to make a baby

Baby Shower or Wedding Shower idea.

not really a fan of the whole look TBH but love you queen

not really a fan of the whole look TBH but love you queen

I'm not even sure if this is true because I make all sorts of guys laugh. And I'm pretty sure they don't like me.

I'm not even sure if this is true because I make all sorts of guys laugh.<< at first I was like Nah because I'm this that comment above. But then I realized that most of the guys I know do like me soo.

How to dress like a Disney princess in the summer. Definitely going to dress like them for the first 6 days of summer!

Disney Princess outfits for summertime, I like them except the shoes.has this person ever been to Disney? There is no way I will wear heels around the park all day.

Holly Fulton RTW Spring 2014 - this is the sort of easy breazy coolness that I'll never be capable of, but whatever.

Holly Fulton RTW Spring 2014

Holly Fulton RTW Spring would be lovely to wear on a summer evening out on the continent!

--> The below +~Design~+ will be made into +~Real Dress~+ soon, are you looking forward to seeing its sample dress? --> Designer: weibo•com/u/1901433837

I imagine Elise wearing to a formal ball of some sort, but with the gold switched to red

Legolas with his hair down. I like him better with it all braided and pretty. If you want Leggy, you can come over and I will do your hair! :D

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I love to draw or try to draw. I have wanted to become a illustrator in any sort of "field" I have been trying to become better in realistic drawing recently I also want to try to draw my own thing.

Moleskine 4 sketch by ~Sabinerich on deviantART This drawing has great flow

My limit is 4 pins per day. But I like this one so much since it is relatable to me.

9 Truths About Being Single

9 Truths about being single XD

This effortless, yet chic blouse can be worn all year. It has a lace pocket on the front, a navy colorblock top, & horizontal stripes to the hem.

The Pink Lily Boutique - How Forever Feels Lace Pocket Blouse--like this shirt

ADD diy ? ? www.customweddingprintables.com  ...Champagne Wedding Ballet Shoes Bridal flats Bobka by BobkaBaby

Champagne Wedding Ballet Shoes, Bridal flats, Bobka Shoes by Bobka Baby

Champagne Wedding Ballet Shoes Bridal flats Bobka by BobkaBaby, as much as i love my 4 inch heels, lets be honest, with all the dancing and moving. In a big poofy dress Ballet flats make so much more sense.