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Vestimentas clásicas Goth-Dark

Anatomy of a Lolita Outfit. Here is an illustration that shows all of the clothing that makes up a proper Lolita outfit.

Fantastic Wind -The Florentine Traveller- Classic Lolita OP Dress

The Florentine Traveller~ College Style Lolita Long Sleeves OP Dress - Pre-order

--> Do you like this ⚽*⚽FC Barcelona⚽*⚽ Theme Lolita Dress? --> Artist: weibo•com/u/3274214980

--> Do you like this ⚽*⚽FC Barcelona⚽*⚽ Theme Lolita Dress?

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Media preview

♥ ロリータ, Sweet Lolita, Lolita, Loli, Pastel, Decora,Victorian, Rococo ♥

Ayubutts in a casual sweet lolita coord - let me tell you about how this is the cutest outfit ever.

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This anime girl could possibly be described as "emo," but I still enjoy this image immensely. but you "still enjoy this image"? Is there something wrong with The Emo style?I enjoy this picture because of it's emo style.