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Reflections of identity

Reflections of identity


A Look at Quentin de Briey’s Book, The Other Day

Inside the new book from Quentin de Briey.

Vasco Brondi - Cronache emiliane d'epica geografia artistica

BY NIKI LECK Photo: Luigi Ghirri, 1990 CCCP “Epica Etica Etnica Pathos”, 1990 Virgin Records Describing itself as an ‘emiliano’ melodic group (from Emilia-Romagna a geographic region of Italy) and.

Inside the new book from Quentin de Briey.

Photograph by @simonnorfolkstudio A visualization of the receding Lewis Glacier on Mt. Kenya. A mapping of “time’s thickness” by pyrographically documenting glacial retreat. Using long exposures made in the middle of the night, the resultant images stem from the simple act of walking with fire along the glacier’s previous boundaries... And fire, the primordial element that first provided a gathering point for human culture and, through the burning of fossil fuels, a rapidly changing climate…

With petroleum as his paint, English photographer Simon Norfolk took to Africa’s second highest peak, Mount Kenya, to outline the mountains’ vanishing Lewis Glacier.

Bieke Depoorter (Photo: Magnum)

Photographer Bieke Depoorter Spends Each Night in the Company of Strangers - Feature Shoot