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Speculum Musico-Mortuale

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Day of the Dead Artist David Lozeau, Dos Hombres Muertos, David Lozeau Dia de los Muertos Art - 1

Lovecraftia Underworlden

Cthulhu Necronomicon page WITCH QUEEN occult horror magick Steampunk. via Etsy.

My version for the Death, the card 13 of the standart tarot. "Death is the motor of the constant philosophy of the particle. The only way he found to answer his thoughts, and understand his capabil.


Necronomicon fragment LARP scrolls

Cthulhu larp Rlyeh Text Necronomicon page Scroll Magick occult witch. via Etsy.

Propnomicon: Cthulhu Tablet, Take Two

In a stunning example of synchronicity, I stumbled across this take on a Mythos-touched clay tablet just after finding yesterday's entry .

Necronomicon Page by DanielGovar H. P. Lovecraft | Create your own roleplaying game books w/ RPG Bard: www.rpgbard.com | Dungeons and Dragons Pathfinder RPG Warhammer 40k Fantasy Star Wars Exalted World of Darkness Dragon Age 13th Age Iron Kingdoms Fate Core Savage Worlds Shadowrun Call of Cthulhu Basic Role Playing Traveller Battletech The One Ring d20 Modern DND ADND PFRPG W40K WFRP COC BRP DCC TOR VTM GURPS science fiction sci-fi horror art

Curious devices, forbidden artifacts, mysterious creatures, and intriguing documents. "From the Black Book: Artist Daniel Govar brings us this page from the infamous Necronomicon. It's a premium for a Kickstarter looking to fund a Lovecraft comic book.

Cthulhu LARP Cult of Yog Sothoth Lovecraft Monsters Necronomicon Occult Demons…

Dho Hna Formula: "Tibi, Magnum Innominandum, signa stellarum nigrarum et bufaniformis Sadoquae sigillum"...

Dho Hna Formula: "Tibi, Magnum Innominandum, signa stellarum nigrarum et bufaniformis Sadoquae sigillum".