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Mushroom = happy to see me?

Mike, are you still alive? For Heaven' s Sake Will Someone Tell Her Mushroom Are you still alittle Mike are you still alive? Lol haven't seen this before For Heaven' s Sake Will Someone Tell Her Mushroom Are alittle


Funny Dog Cartoons bring out the human-like qualities in man's best friend. Our dogs possess some of these intelligent qualities.

Intelligent Conversation

Elephant Asks Camel A Question: Why do you have 2 b*obs on your back? That's a silly question from someone who has a d*ck on his face.

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Haha, oh my gosh that's awesome...I would die laughing if I had a kid that did this. The best part is the TARDIS

Clean like the Queen of England is visiting -- Knowing Luke & I, this is the sense of humor my children will have :)

I want to make little cards that say this. When someone is pissing me off, I will just hand them the card.

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